Alocodon (a-LOK-o-don; Greek alox and odon meaning 'furrow' and 'tooth') is a genus of ornithischian dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of what is now Portugal. It was described in 1973 by Richard Anthony Thulborn. It had small ornithopod-like teeth with vertical grooves. This animal is only known from these teeth, and is usually considered a nomen dubium.

The type species is Alocodon kuehnei, the specific epithet honoring the German paleontologist Georg Kühne. The holotype is LPFU P X 2.

Though at first it was considered by Thulborn a member of the Fabrosauridae[1] and by Peter Galton a hypsilophodontid, Paul Sereno (1991) classified A. kuehnei as Ornithischia incertae sedis. Further studies indicate this species as a probable thyreophoran.



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