Chiniquodon is a genus of carnivorous cynodont, which lived during the early Late Triassic in South America. Chiniquodon is closely related to a contemporary genus, Probelesodon, and close to the ancestry of mammals.

Other contemporaries included early dinosaurs. As both groups filled a similar ecological niche, fairly large therapsid hunters such as Chiniquodon may have been outcompeted by dinosaurs.


Chiniquodon brasilensisEdit

  • Place: The Paleontological Site Chiniquá, Santa Maria Formation
  • Country: Brazil, in geopark of paleorrota.
  • Age: Carnian, Upper Triassic

Remarks: A dog-sized predator, with a skull-length of about 10 cm. This species may not have been formally published.

Chiniquodon sanjuanensisEdit

  • Place: Ischigualasto Formation
  • Country: Argentina
  • Age: Carnian (Upper Triassic)

This skull was reassigned to this genus in 2002.[2] It's differentiated from Chiniquodon theotonicus because of its teeth and the shape of the zygomatic process.

Chiniquodon theotonicusEdit

  • Place: Santa Maria Formation and Chañares Formation
  • Country: Brazil and Argentina
  • Age: Carnian (Upper Triassic)

This species is known from a number of skulls. The holotype is in the paleontological collection at Tübingen University, Germany.

Chiniquodon kalanoroEdit

  • Place: Makay Formation
  • Country: Madagascar
  • Age: Ladinian/Carnian (Upper Triassic)

This species is known from a mandible (holotype UA 10607).


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