Diplocercides is a genus of prehistoric lobe-finned fish belonging to the coelacanth group (Actinistia or Coelacanthimorpha) which lived during the Late Devonian period (between 370 and 397 million years BCE). Fossils of Diplocercides have been found in Germany, Iran, Ireland, Australia and Poland (and possibly in South Africa in 1937).Recently three-dimensional fossils of Diplocercides were uncovered from the Gogo Formation of Western Australia.

Species of DiploceridesEdit

  • Diplocercides davisi Moy-Thomas, 1937
  • Diplocercides heiligenstockiensis Jessen, 1966
  • Diplocercides kayseri von Koenen, 1895
  • Diplocercides jaekeli Stensio, 1922.



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