Phacops is a genus of trilobite in the order Phacopida, family Phacopidae, that lived in Europe and North America in the Silurian and Devonian periods.[2] It was a rounded animal, with a globose head and large eyes,[2] and probably fed on detritus.[3] Phacops is often found enrolled, a biological defense mechanism that is widespread among smaller trilobites but nearly perfected by this genus.


Phacops contains the following species:

  • P. accipitrinus (Phillips, 1841)[4]
  • P. algericus Alberti, 1983
  • P. breviceps Barrande, 1846
  • P. chlupaci Alberti, 1983
  • P. circumspectans Paeckelmann, 1913
  • P. degener Barrande, 1852
  • P. fragosus Struve, 1970[5]
  • P. granulatus (Munster, 1840) synonym P. posidoniae[6]
  • P. hoseri Hawle & Corda, 1847
  • P. iowensis Delo, 1935[7]
  • P. imitator Struve, 1970[5]
  • P. kockeli Alberti, 1968
  • P. latifrons (Bronn, 1825)[5]

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  • P. maurulus
  • P. modestus Barrande
  • P. platilegnotor
  • P. rana (Green, 1832) synonyms Calymene bufo rana, Eldredgeops rana[8]
  • P. salteri Kozlowski, 1923
  • P. sartenaeri Struve, 1985[5]
  • P. schlotheimi (Bronn, 1825)[9]
  • P. sobolevi Kielan, 1954
  • P. speculator
  • P. sternbergi
  • P. turco Richter & Richter
  • P. wedekindi Richter & Richter, 1926[6]
  • P. zinkeni F.A. Roemer, 1843

Species previously assigned to PhacopsEdit

A number of species previously assigned to the genus Phacops have since been transferred to other genera:

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