Shamosaurus is an extinct genus of basal ankylosaurid ankylosaur from Early Cretaceous (Aptian to Albian stage) deposits of Höövör, Mongolia. Shamosaurus is known from the holotype PIN N 3779/2 complete skull and jaw and the paratypes include partial skeleton remains and an armor. It was collected from the Khukhtekskaya Formation. It was first named by Tumanova in 1983 and the type species is Shamosaurus scutatus.

Shamosaurus and GobisaurusEdit

Shamosaurus scutatus shares many cranial similarities with Gobisaurus domoculus, including a rounded squamosal, large elliptical orbital fenestrae and external nares, a deltoid dorsal profile with a narrow rostrum, quadratojugal protuberances, and caudolaterally directed paroccipital processes. But the two taxa may be distinguished by differences in the length of the maxillary tooth row, an unfused basipterygoid-pterygoid process in Gobisaurus, the presence on an elongate vomerine premaxillary process in Gobisaurus, and the presence of cranial sculpting in Shamosaurus, but not in Gobisaurus.


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