Squalicorax is a genus of extinct lamniform shark known to have lived during the Cretaceous period.


The name Squalicorax is derived from the Latin "squalo" for shark and the Greek "corax" for raven.


These sharks are of medium size, up to 5 meters in length (usually smaller - 2 meters). The body were similar to the modern gray sharks, but the shape of the teeth is strikingly similar to that of a tiger shark. The teeth are numerous, relatively small, with a curved crown and serrated, up to 2.5 – 3 cm in height (the only representative of the Mesozoic Lamniformes with teeth). Large numbers of fossil teeth have been found in Europe, North Africa, and North America.

Squalicorax was a coastal predator, but also scavenged as evidenced by a Squalicorax tooth found embedded in the metatarsal (foot) bone of a terrestrial hadrosaurid dinosaur that most likely died on land and ended up in the water.[1] Other food sources included turtles, mosasaurs, ichthyodectes and other bony fishes and sea creatures.

Description of selected speciesEdit

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