Steneofiber is an extinct genus of beavers from Eurasia.


This small, 30-cm-long (1-ft-long) creature probably lived in large freshwater lakes, like present day beavers. A semiaquatic lifestyle is indicated by the presence of combing-claws, which living beavers use to waterproof their fur.[1] Most likely, it was incapable of bringing down trees like its modern relatives. Steneofiber was more terrestrial than modern beavers, living in burrows. The finding of a possible family group of Steneofiber skeletons in France has been used to infer that the genus employed a K-selected reproductive strategy like modern beavers, in which extensive parental care is given to a small number of offspring.[1] Steneofiber is among earliest known members of the subfamily Castorinae, which includes beavers more closely related to the two living species than to the recently extinct giant beaver.[2] It is probably descended from the earliest castorine, Propalaeocastor.



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