Venaticosuchus is a genus of Late Triassic quadrupedal crurotarsan archosaur. It was a medium-sized predator, reaching up to 2 m (7 ft) in length.[1] Originally it was thought to be the ancestor to the carnosaur dinosaurs (which then included Tyrannosaurus); however, now it is known to be more closely related to crocodilians than dinosaurs. It was a carnivore.


A single species of Venaticosuchus has been described, the type species, V. rusconii from the Late Triassic of Argentina, around 210 million years ago.

Closely related speciesEdit

Venaticosuchus is a member of Ornithosuchidae, a family of facultatively bipedal carnivores that were geographically widespread during the Late Triassic. Two other genera, Ornithosuchus and Riojasuchus, are currently known.

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